Drinking Water


Have you ever heard the words “potable water”? This is water which is free of most contaminants such as bacteria and other pathogens and adheres to the standards of harmless water set forth by the EPA; at least in the United States. Different drinking water systems take out the remaining contaminants and make the water we drink taste good and smell less!

J’s Wholesale provides equipment which can be customized through various filter medias, valves and sizes to remove or reduce calcium, magnesium, manganese, fluoride, chlorine and chloramines from your household water. Each of the following systems can be customized for size and filtration.


This is a Reverse Osmosis drinking system. Water which is filtered using reverse osmosis is truly and legally pure water… 99.4% pure. It uses a membrane to “squeeze” the dissolved solids from the water and pre filters that remove the gases like chlorine… Learn More.

Simplify a reverse osmosis by removing the membrane… now you have a dual purifier. Water that is more Zephyrhills™ or Evian™ and less Aquafini™ or Dasani™. Learn More