Municipal Water


If you are paying a water bill, you are on municipal water and that water is being treated and/or disinfected. 90% of the homes in West Central Florida have municipal or city water. This means they are required to follow the EPA standards for potable water service and have a minimum of 1 ppm of Chlorine coming to your home’s water main.

JS Wholesale provides equipment which can be customized through various filter medias, valves and sizes to remove or reduce calcium, magnesium, manganese, fluoride, chlorine and chloramines from your household water. Each of the following systems can be customized for size and filtration.

The Pisces is a basic water softener. It can be built to accommodate any space available but is specific to the removal of calcium and manganese only. It softens the water and prevents spotting and buildup on surfaces such as dishes, sinks, tile and glass. Learn More.

The Gemini is a mixed bed water treatment system. The mixed bed is one of resin for softening and carbon to reduce or remove chlorine in the water. Learn More

If the Taurus is the Bull, our Libra System, a side by side version, offers your water balance. By plumbing the 1 cu ft Activated Carbon Filter in an upflow state, the media stays in flux and never will channel, giving the Carbon a longer life. Learn More