Well Water


Do you have a septic tank? Does the water coming from your faucet smell like rotten eggs? When you pour yourself a glass of water does it look more like ice tea? If you can answer yes to all or any of these questions, your homes’ potable water is supplied by a well on your property.

JS Wholesale specializes in “after” well equipment. We start by testing the water for a pH level, Iron, Sulfides, Tannin and Arsenic so it can be determined what equipment and media should be used to remove the contaminants in the water. No two wells are alike so the equipment must be built to address the issues at hand. It is also worth noting that Mother Nature plays a role in the water drawn from Florida’s aquifers so the water tested in January of 2002 might test differently in November of 2005. Testing the well water is the best proactive maintenance.

Imagine a mini water treatment plant designed specifically for your home’s needs.


Four pieces of equipment working in unison to give you well water to be proud of. Each new well that is dug is capped by a 3 to 6″ casing which comes out of the ground; from that the arteries or pipes distribute water to your house and your lawn. In order to send it off a pressure tank and pressure switch are added at the well point. This is where the Leo begins. Learn More.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to chlorinate well water. Actually sometimes the Iron content of the water is so high that it is the main issue to be addressed. At this point, an Iron Filter and Softener is the equipment needed. Learn More