Our name is synonymous with service because it’s what we do best. Our Service Manager has been repairing water treatment equipment for over 30 years. From replacing the filter cartridges in drinking water systems to diagnosing and repairing parts to any whole-house softener or system.

Our technicians are GE Smart Water certified, a recognition they take great pride in. They are also certified on many of the manufacturers’ equipment used today and yesterday.

JS Wholesale’s staff will always let YOU know when your equipment is ready for its annual maintenance. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke…there ain’t nothing to fix”, keep it maintained. We do have a 24 hour emergency number where an actual person answers the phone!

We offer 24 Hour / 7 Day a Week service on most water treatment and well systems.


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Please feel free to contact us by phone or by email with your questions or requests.


JS Wholesale builds equipment and installs for many different companies and does not stop at water treatment. Working with new home builders on a softener loop or on more mature homes with galvanized plumbing, “Never sweat the small stuff” let JS Wholesale sweat the copper?

Rental Equipment 

The best solution for your water treatment may not be in purchasing the equipment. For individuals who are renting their home or who may be considering a move in the near future, we have a full line of reconditioned equipment available for rental. Our rental equipment never has a contract, it is month to month. You merely pay the first month’s rent and an equal security deposit and a $150.00 installation charge for Municipal applications and $300.00 installation for Well Water equipment. That means a softener can be installed for as little as $210.00 with a monthly payment of $32.10; Well Equipment for $482.98 with a monthly payment of $91.49. The most appealing plus for some people is the free service, salt and chemicals which come with all rental equipment.

Salt Delivery 

Sometimes the maintenance of water treatment equipment can be the last thing on your mind. JS Wholesale can provide your salt and will allow you the peace of mind to know you will never run out of soft water.

We use Solar Salt Crystals in 60 pound bags and also have K-Life available for those individuals who are more comfortable with Sodium-free salt.

Remember, most systems do not like “pellet” salt as it has a certain amount of adhesive in is composition. The adhesive gives the pellets its uniform shape but can adhere to the valve itself, causing you to have your equipment prematurely serviced.