The Aquarius

This is a Reverse Osmosis drinking system. Water which is filtered using reverse osmosis is truly and legally pure water… 99.4% pure. It uses a membrane to “squeeze” the dissolved solids from the water and pre filters that remove the gases like chlorine. The Aquarius uses 4 or 5 stages to perform these tasks. The first 2 filters are used to remove chlorine and sediment. Then the water travels through a thin film membrane which much like a sponge sopping up a puddle absorbs the water and all its inhabitants before expelling H2O through a final carbon filter finally filling a standard 3 gallon storage tank. Remember it takes 3 gallons of tap water to make 1 gallon of purified water. The expelled residual goes down the drain and into a septic or clean out. The pre filters can range in eliminative properties just by testing the water.


An Aquarius Reverse Osmosis is $550.00 which includes its installation, hook up to an ice machine and/or refrigerator and a 5 year warranty on all nonperishable parts.


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The Aquarius
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