The Gemini


The Gemini is a mixed bed water treatment system. The mixed bed is one of resin for softening and carbon to reduce or remove chlorine in the water. Both medias are poured into a single tank. A test is performed on your water which determines the level of hardness and the amount of chlorine coming into your home. The type of resin and carbon used will then be customized to give the best result for longevity of the system and the best possible water quality. 

The valve on this system is an On-Demand which means it has a preset gallon usage and it will meter the water measuring consumption before it regenerates. There is also a reserve of treated water to prevent a family from running out of treated water during the day. 

The everyday price for this system is $1250.00 with a complete 10 year Warranty.


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JS Wholesale H2O
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The Gemini
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