The Libra


If the Taurus is the Bull, our Libra System, a side by side version, offers your water balance. By plumbing the 1 cu ft Activated Carbon Filter in an upflow state, the media stays in flux and never will channel, giving the Carbon a longer life. This allows the softener to do what it does best, remove the Calcium, Magneseum and Manganese from the water using a high grade 10% crosslink resin. This whole house water treatment system allows for individual beds unlike a single tank mixed bed so when it is time to change the carbon. only the carbon is changed.

The On Demand Control Valve makes sure you never are without treated water and will only regenerate at 1:00 in the morning.The everyday price for the Libra System is $1900.00 with a complete 10 year Warranty.


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JS Wholesale H2O
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The Libra
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