The Leo


Four pieces of equipment working in unison to give you well water to be proud of. Each new well that is dug is capped by a 3 to 6″ casing which comes out of the ground; from that the arteries or pipes distribute water to your house and your lawn. In order to send it off a pressure tank and pressure switch are added at the well point. This is where the Leo begins.

The pH level determines the chlorinator type to be used. The higher or more alkali the water, a dry-feed chlorinator can be used. If a lower pH is detected, more acidic, we install a flow switch and liquid chlorinator with a 35 gallon solution tank.

This is followed by an 80 to 120 gallon Retention Tank. The chlorinated water enters the Retention and allows for contact time to oxidize the minerals (iron) in the water and to disinfect it. The following two pieces of equipment are paramount to the success of the system. They are both no less than 10×54″ tanks and controlled by Logix Performa digital valves. They are weather resistant so outside installation is an OK scenario. The first unit is a Depth Filter which both removes the chlorine from the water as well as any sulfides, arsenic or particulates which did not oxidize. The final unit is the Softener, which holds any combination of 4 different resins to remove calcium, magnesium, manganese and/or tannin. The softener alone regenerates using salt; either sodium chloride or potassium chloride. If Tannin resin has been used it uses not only salt but citric acid.

There you have it, your own treatment plant.

The Leo has a 5 year warranty and it comes with a one year well policy. This means that during the first year J’s Wholesale comes out once a month and adds salt, citric acid and chlorine as needed. We also take a sample of the water before it enters your home so we can test it and “tweak” any of the equipment to improve the quality of water.

The system ranges in price from $3000.00 to $3800.00 based on the chlorination system and media required.


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