The Scorpio


Sometimes it isn’t necessary to chlorinate well water. Actually sometimes the Iron content of the water is so high that it is the main issue to be addressed. At this point, an Iron Filter and Softener is the equipment needed.

The Iron Filter is 1 cu ft of Greensand Plus or a Magnesium compound which when regenerated with Potassium Permanganate oxidizes heavy concentrations of iron. A Logix Performa valve is the optimum choice because of the increased “lift” ability of the water flow through the media bed. When coupled with a 48000 grain softener, using any of 4 specified resins, iron laden well water becomes potable and staining of fixtures becomes a thing of the past.

The Scorpio comes with a 5 year warranty and like its cousin the Leo has a full 1 year well policy which includes salt, potassium permanganate and monthly well water testing. This system is $2400.00 installed.


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The Scorpio
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